A little bit a month can go a long way...

For the same price of a posh coffee and a muffin per month you can help our drivers compete at the front of the grid.

With most other sports, the amount of practice you do determines where you finish. This is only partly true with motorsports. The competitor with the best engine, the newest tyres and the best setup will already be at least a second a lap better off - the amount of seat time they can afford will only stretch this advantage. To compete at the front requires funding and that is what we are asking of you.

William winning the final at Camberley Kart Club.

A recurring monthly payment from as little as £5 goes a long way to getting us to the front of the grid. If you would like to help with a monthly sponsorship please complete the form below:

Monthly Subscription Options

Where does the money go?

It is your subscriptions that keep the wheels turning - literally!!

Without your support we can't compete at the highest levels - our costs are varied and many. For example:

  • Practice days costs between £35 and £50 per driver - we practice 3 weekends out of 4.
  • Race entries cost the same as practice days, again we aim to race three weekends out of 4.
  • Fresh tyres are required for almost every race - £135 per driver per race.
  • We use about 16 litres of petrol each race weekend plus two stroke oil - one type is £13 a litre, the other £23 a litre. Each bottle last 2 weekends.
  • The van - we travel in it, sleep and eat in it. It needs taxing, MOT, servicing, repairs and diesel.
  • The boys grow out of race suits, gloves, race boots and helmets.
  • Spark plugs - a new one for each driver each weekend at £9 a pop.
  • Steering arms, track rods and rear axles all get bent and wear out.
  • Rear bearings need changing every few months - £5 to £15 each.
  • Chains become stretched (£21 each), sprockets bent and worn (£7.20 each).
  • We need a constant supply of cleaning and lubrication fluids.
  • Engines need a dyno run and rebuilding - £10 to £20 for the dyno and £200 to £400 for the engine rebuild. Each engine, every 6 months.
  • Carburetors need their internals renewing - £14.50 per kit per engine every 1 to 2 months.
  • Clutch drums and clutches wear out - £150 - every 6 months.

We try to make our kit last as long as possible and never compromise on safety but we do have to compromise on speed. With your help we can compromise less!!